What is Assalam?

Assalam is a young NGO with social enterprises producing projects for a self-sufficient Africa.

Our vision is to develop sustainable solutions for the problems of Africa, we continue to build partnerships all around the world, create high-quality educational facilities for children, and generate sources of revenue for women.

Consequently, we create an awareness for non-African people about the real image and needs of Africa.

The world needs more camps

In camps children, teens, and adults all walks of life and different backgrounds come together as strangers and part as friends. 

Camps are a place where children, teenagers and adults…

  • Disconnect from their everyday life
  • Connect to other campers and staff and struck up life-long friendships
  • Find themselves, since they are outside of family and society’s expectations and conceptions
  • Get exposed to new ideas, cultures, games and habits
  • And last but not least, have loads of fun together

Our major Goals and Objectives

  • Our mission is to be a model for African social enterprises and NGO’s, especially in the areas of education and women’s personal and economic empowerment.
  • We develop projects that have a social enterprise aspect for economic sustainability.
  • Within four years, we have founded four social enterprise brands: KangaAfrica for women, CafeAfrica for kids, and MamaAfrica for Volunteering, and Africamps for residential camp programs
  • We have an international shool and children’s university, where we provide a high-quality education for the kids in need.
  • We have a women group where we provide vocational training and employment for the women in need.

Our Stories

Discover the fun
of learning

Have Fun


Our values

  • Permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share
  • Open and embrace diversity
  • Shared goodness
  • Interaction of cultures / Responsible travel
  • Quality Education for all
  • Women Empowerment
  • Social and financial justice

To organize Africamp .. we have staff members in three positions:

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to know more about Africamps and to apply. Sending a good old snail mail is also possibile. Hakuna matata!