Course Teachers

Permaculture Instructor

Fatma & Ibrahim – Turkey

The couple speak Arabic, Turkish, English, beginner level Swahili. They both studied Anthropology and graduated with High Honors Degrees. Due to their interest in permaculture and agriculture, they attended many trainings and volunteered successfully in many different permaculture farms. They are extremely efficient in gardening, survival skills, art, and organic cooking.

Survival Instructor

Shan Ali Sumar – UK

Speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Swahili , teacher at Assalam School, CEO at My Copper Cup 2017-2021.

He has an Ayurvedic medical company that focuses on herbal medicine. He creates anti-bacterial water filters and antibacterial water bottles with engravings on them and crystals welded to the surface we put reverence into water checks at He cares for the natural world and how to live as one with the surrounding environment and plants he plants. He worked in forest schools to grow sustainable healthy food, he is passionate about further studying  permaculture at a higher level.