Camp Organizers

Program Coordinator


Yanis Bena – Switzerland

 From Switzerland, speaks Swissgerman, German, French, English and Swahili. During the last decade, he has participated and worked in more than forty camps, spanning a wide range of topics.

Hit him up, if you want to talk about education, camps, boardgames (both playing and designing!), goals in life, languages, and books for Africa.

Administration Coordinator

Adinani (1)

Adinani Issa, Tanzania

Financial officer at Assalam youth and vocational training center, speaks Kiswahili, English and French fluently. A master’s degree holder in monetary economics and banking from Mouloud Mammeri university of Tizi Ouzou in Algeria. He likes food and working.

HR Coordinator

Munawar Gharib -Zanzibar

Speaking English, Kiswahili. 

Compassionate, creative and effective teacher with valuable experience in classroom administration, and project planning. Equipped with extensive background in versatile education environments. Skilled Teaching with 3 years of experience. Well versed in developing in Children University curricula.

Social Wellbeing Coordinator

Psy. Zeynep Kocamaz Öztürk

Speaks Turkish, English, German. She has graduated from the University of Vienna, department of Psychology and completed her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Istanbul Kent University. She works in the fields of individuals, couples and women. She organizes seminars and trainings in Turkey, but she shares her works all over the world via internet. She is the mother of two children.



speaks Dogish fluently

studied Security and Facility Management at Assalam Campus, holding a master’s degree in applied relaxation, is a communicative guardian withexperience in professional barking and sleeping.

Currently learning how to keep away cats from our food area, so he can get more of it.

Hit him up if you want to give him food!