The applications are open now. Send a WhatsApp to our communication manager and she will love to answer your questions. There is also the possibility to email us: [email protected]

Yes! Payments received before 31 June 2022 will profit from 10% discount. Also for siblings we have 10% percent discount.

Bookings go fast, two of the six Africamps are already booked. The remaining Africamps are in the following periods. Be fast with applying, because full = full.

Monday 11th of July – Friday 22nd of July 20229 – 15 years*
Monday 25th of July – Friday 5th of August 20229 – 15 years*
Monday 08th of August – Friday 19th of August 20229 – 15 years*
Monday 22nd of August – Friday 02nd of September 20229 – 15 years*

Africamp is organised by NGO Vassalam.

For Tanzanian residents: Campers arrange their trip to the Port of Zanzibar by themselves. For the transfer, Africamp will take all campers from the Port Of Zanzibar to the Africamp compound. Some campers register with their teachers and other campers register individually. Campers who are not traveling with school have to come with their parents to the Port of Zanzibar and our driver Nassor will come to take you from your parents.

For non-Tanzanian residents: You can arrange your flights by yourself. We can recommend you agents to get fair costs. Also, Zanzibar asks for visa when entering the island. You can get it after arrival at the airport for 50 USD. Our driver Nassor will be ready to pick you from the airport to Assalam.

There are no Corona restrictions in Tanzania.

We don’t have a doctor on the compound, but at 3 minutes distance we have a doctor in the village. Also, the closest hospital is located at 15 minutes distance from the compound.

We advise you to disconnect from the rest of the world and concentrate on your adventure. But if your family wants to contact you, we provide the campers an opportunity to call home during a specific slot each day.

We are fully comprehensively insured in the event of fire, floating or any accidental damage. In the past five years we had no experience with theft, but we still recommend you to take care of your personal belongings.

Zanzibar is known as a safe island. We host many guests and in order to ensure their safety at the compound, the compound is guarded by 4 guardians day and night and we have 3 trained guard dogs on the compound. For storing your personal belonging we have lockers.

Assalam is a registered NGO and organizes the Africamps. Assalam exists five years and has hosted more than 850 volunteers in this period. Assalam also hosts people in their guest house under the registered brand Eco Villa.

That depends on the applicants. For the accommodation the rooms of girls and boys are divided.

There are heavy rains during April and May, but the weather on the rest of the months are perfect for camps. Zanzibar is not so hot, between 25°C and 35°C. All rooms are provided of fans to cool the room temperature down.